Visual Development - not just for little babies

Baby College provide progressive, development classes designed for babies aged from 0 all the way up to four years old.

In our youngest age we have lots of exercises that help to develop and mature your baby’s vision. Vision will be the least developed of all your baby’s senses at birth, due primarily to the environment they have lived in for the last nine months! Within our infant classes your baby's eyes will develop rapidly as they take in and adjust to their new colourful and stimulating world.

But visual development doesn’t stop in our infant class, your baby’s visual system will be maturing and fine tuning all the way through our age groups.

By 8-12 months most children can judge distances well. Their bodies are coordinated well enough with their vision to allow them to grasp and throw objects fairly accurately. The integration of vision and fine motor coordination allows the baby to manipulate smaller objects, including a bottle to feed themselves. As they start to walk, the children learn to use their eyes to direct and coordinate large muscle groups and develop their whole-body movements.

Our toddler beach ball activity directs development at three themes:

  • Anticipation. The use of the large inflatable ball develops tracking and recognition of speed of an object coming towards your child. They learn to anticipate when it will be their turn by making many visual calculations and have a chance to practice speed perception.

  • Body awareness. The child feels the beach ball on part of their body. They develop an awareness of the effect of the ball on their body and how they can move to affect the ball. This helps develop hand-eye coordination and some children dislike this until they can appreciate the speed of the ball.

  • Concentration. The toddler learns to focus on the progress of the ball and anticipate their turn. For babies who can walk we give them the opportunity to stand and kick the ball so that they can start to learn to keep their balance and swing a leg whilst watching the ball (although most toddlers will just want to pick up the ball and run with it, as you can see from the picture above!).

So not only is beach ball football a fun, social game to play with your toddlers its helping their vision to mature too.

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