Parenting Positively During Lockdown

Our Baby College classes are as much for our parents as they are for the babies and children. Our well-designed programme aims to give you lots of balanced, up to date information to help you parent thoughtfully and confidently. Our classes are inclusive and recognise that there is no one size fits all to parenting, as each baby, child, parent, and family are unique. We actively encourage friendships and peer support between our customers, and we know that our weekly classes can become a lifeline to many of our parents. We hope that by coming to our classes no parent will ever feel that they are alone

A parent in the modern world can be beset with many problems. Though many of the terrible issues that were faced by our forebears have largely been eradicated, new difficulties have emerged. That is most certainly true at the moment!

During the lockdown parents may often feel alone and isolated, with no wider family or friend support available. 

Life can become overwhelming when you have a new baby or a toddler keen to test their boundaries (emotionally and physically). Peer pressure from perfect social media can leave you with feelings of inadequacy and distrust of your own instincts as a parent. Work life balance is hard to achieve and can have a huge impact upon your personal relationships.

Parenting positively is something that we promote throughout all our age groups from the tiniest of infants to our boisterous three-year olds. Positive Parenting is a framework that parents can adopt which helps them re assess their interactions with their children and helps make these more positive. It’s a framework that works for all children whether they are 16 months or 16 years old.

All the information we give our parents has been well researched and often, written exclusively for us by experts in the field of infant and child development. We also regularly point our customers towards websites which we feel share our values and whom we trust.

The first step is to realise why your baby or child is displaying a certain behaviour. All children test the limits you set and try to cross boundaries some of the time. This is an inevitable part of growing up, learning, and becoming an independent person. Younger children particularly may test constantly. This is not them being naughty or disobedient – it is the only way they can learn when you mean what you say and what the limits to their behaviour are.

The NSPCC has lots of useful information about parenting and here is a little bit of their advice for how be a positive parent for your young children.

“Positive parenting and positive discipline are techniques that work well with every child, regardless of their age, temperament, background, culture or tradition. These techniques build on your child’s wish to please you, guaranteeing a happy and better-behaved child and less-stressed parents!

The techniques work by allowing you to:

• create a good relationship with your child by showing love and affection

• emphasise all the things that please you about your child

• be a good example – your children will take their lead from what you do

• praise the behaviour you want to see in your children

• listen to your child’s views and negotiate solutions to problems together

• avoid harsh punishments like shouting excessively

• have clear limits that are fair and age appropriate, expressing your wishes in a way that shows you mean what you say.

Different approaches will work for different children in your family, and the rules will change as your children grow. "

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