How to help boost your baby's memory


Your baby’s memory will start developing through their first few months, and there are lots of things you can do to help this process.

Simple, repetitive routines are a great way to help your baby start to remember how their world works. Repetition, in fact, is key to all their development

1. Always say their name (and anyone else’s who live in your house including the cat or the dog 😊)

2. Talk to them a lot. Talk trough their routines (changing a nappy, having a bath, getting dressed etc). Talk to them about familiar objects around the house, in the garden, favourite toys

3. Play copycat games with them – stick your tongue out, open your mouth wide, form a big smile.

4. Sing nursery rhymes, and don’t be afraid to repeat them often. This is one of the best ways that your baby will learn about language

5. Start to read simple books to them, pointing out and discussing the pictures

6. Perform simple, slow massage routines, telling them what parts of the body you are touching, helping them to learn about themselves.


For your toddler, their interest in now peaked into the world around them. They should now be able to respond to their own name and will soon start to think about saying their first words.

Games and activities that you can do to help with their memory 

1. Play peek-a-boo with them. You’re there and then you’re not, and there you are again – such fun!

2. Hide objects (whilst they are watching) for them to retrieve. Both peek-a-boo and hiding objects helps your toddler start to understand about object permanence, which is the concept that something still exists even when you can no longer see it.

3. Give them treasure baskets to explore.

4. Encourage organisation and categorisation – toy cars in one place, soft toys in another.

5. Sing action songs and repeat them often.  

6. Encourage your pre talker to use baby signing, not only does it encourage communication it can be a real memory boost too.

Older Toddlers

Their understanding of the world is now better, and their language development is really improving, so more complex games can now be played. But remember repetition is still king at this age…

1. Play simple matching games.

2. Continue singing action songs, your older toddler will delight in being able to join in with the actions and some of the words

3. Read your toddler’s favourite books to them. Again, don’t worry if they want the same book every day. This is a natural part of their memory and language development.

4. Encourage their recall memory by asking them questions, instead of you simply talking to them about events or objects.

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