Baby Signing

Baby signing is something that we encourage at Baby College. It is an extension of the natural gesturing your little one will instinctively do and will help then to communicate more effectively before their oral language has developed.

At Baby College we use the Makaton sign language. Makaton is designed to support spoken language and signs are used with speech to help children and adults to communicate. In class you learn a few new signs each week and we also have a sign rhyme to help you remember a few more.

At home it is recommended that you:

  • Use the sign for the important word in the sentence and try to use only one sign per sentence (baby signing is a system that encourages babies to communicate with their hands and not a replacement language).

  • Always speak and sign at the same time.

  • Use clear, short sentences.

  • Remember to make eye contact, and use facial expressions, body language and gestures (all these elements help your baby solve the language puzzle).

  • Use real objects: show a ball and use the sign for ball. This will give your baby reference.

  • our baby’s fine motor skills are not as good as yours so be alert for any hand gestures that your baby might start to make.

Why use Baby Signing?

  • Helps your baby communicate their needs before their oral skills develop.

  • Helps you understand what your baby is trying to communicate.

  • Reduces the frustration that your baby feels when they can’t make themselves understood.

  • Encourages early conversations between parent and baby.

  • Great for developing your baby’s fine motor skills.

Baby College posts weekly Sign of the Week videos so that you can practise your signing at home and if you are interested you can find them @babycollegesa on Facebook.

Press on the image below for some Makaton Colour Signs

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