Baby College At Home

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Importance of Play

We all know how important play is for your baby or small child. In those first, formative years it can be said living, playing and learning are almost one.

For your little baby play encourages a closer, more fun relationship with you. It helps lay the foundations of their early social development as they  watch the expressions on your face. Movement and play encourage their understanding of their sensory world, which will be crucial for their later development.

For your growing toddler and small child play is a full developmental workout. It helps them develop physically: active games promote the maturation of their gross motor skills and body awareness and balance, and craft activities and puzzles can help refine their fine motor skills. Play helps their social and emotional development and their self-confidence and imagination. Language skills and science understanding are all encouraged through fun and interaction.


During these times of confinement you are probably worrying how this will affect your baby’s development. What you must remember is that you are your baby’s best teacher and a period of forced confinement like this, that we are all subject too, will have its advantages for your little one.

1. They are going to be spending a lot of time with you and this can really help build up the bond between parent and child and your role as ‘teacher’

2. You will probably be living a simpler live, which means that you may have more time to spend with your baby and toddler. Time and attention are the most precious gifts you can give your child

3. With a simple routine you can make your small child feel secure and safe and give definition to the day. It can also help with their concentration, by repeating an activity everyday they learn how to do the activity and how to concentrate throughout it.

How can Baby College at Home help you?

“Just wanted to say thank you for always going above and beyond and was so lovely to have a little normality in these crazy times!!! Claire & Joel”

You may be worrying about how to keep your baby or small child occupied each day or you may worry about their social interaction At Baby College at Home we offer you a huge resource to inspire play with your little ones. We have daily interactive Live sessions, that not only provide you with games, activities and fun songs but a chance for your baby to interact with their onscreen teacher and perhaps a few other friends from around the country. The daily Live sessions are based on our award winning developmental programme, which has been nearly 30 years in the making and encourages all aspects of your baby’s development: physical, cognitive, sensory, language and musical plus their social and emotional development too. Daily live classes give your little one structure and understanding “Just to say thank you for virtual Baby College. It works really well, and I am so grateful to have a slot in the day to entertain Sienna with something she enjoys. Thank you. Stay safe x” Our mini class and activity videos can be used as a source of fun and consolidation whenever you need them.  “Woody just off the cuff trying to sing the Baby College song (he tends to mix the hello and goodbye song lol). It’s gotten to the point where after lunch he’ll ask me for a “heyo” (hello) and we go back and watch one of the BC videos. Just wanted to let you know how much these videos are helping us. He’s also regularly playing with the instruments and giving me instructions to “go” and “stop.” How to get the most from Baby College at Home This is exactly as it would be in a physical class – y